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Health Tips :

1. Value under 90% are considered severely low and indicate user might have suffered from chronic disease which in need of oxygen supplementation.
2. Value under 95% are considered low and indicate user might be facing health issues. 
3. 95%-100% is considered as normal oximeter readings which indicate high oxygen level in the user’s body.


1. These are ecological chains Xiaomi products, it do not have the Xiaomi logo
2. Item color may show slight aberration due to different shooting light and monitor display.
3. Packaging may unsealed for inspection and apply for warranty sticker.



Display: 1.56 inch AMOLED Display 50% Larger than Mi Band 5 (1.1 inch)


Battery: 125mAh battery compacity, Up to 14 days (Recharging time ~2 Hours)


Water resistance: 5ATM water resistance up to 50m


Activity Tracking: Count steps, distance, calories burned, Female health monitor


Healthy monitoring: 24/7 Heart rate monitoring


Sleep Monitor: Automatically record your sleep duration to analyze your sleep quality


Multiple Sports Modes: Support 30 kinds of sports modes


Smart Reminder: Provide synchronous display of message, call or social APP to remind you of important information


Sensor: 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope,


Connective: Bluetooth 5.0


System requirement: Android 5.0, IOS 10 or above


* Uses an 80000 rpm high-speed motor and has a powerful 12kPa suction
* Adopts a multi-vertex cyclone separation technology to absorb 99.97% of particles
* 5-step cleaning way: Tapping/Sweep/Suck/Sterilize/Dry
* 254.7nm UV Light, 99% sterilization
* PTC heating system spreads comfortable pure air
* 50 hot air drying,destroy the living environment of mites
* 20cm open-type large suction port
* Storage/charge integrated design
* HEPA filter,easy disassemble, reusable after washing and drying
* Light-weight portable design

 10000 times/minute High Frequency Flapping: The independent motor drives the roller brush to rotate at a high speed and flap at the same time.
 2300rpm Electric Roller: The soft brush penetrate deep into the gaps in the fabric to sweep out the hidden dust and mites.
 12000Pa Strong Suction: It not only sucks out the fine dust and hair on the surface, but also pulls out the mites and their excrement hidden in the inner layer to remove allergens.
 Large Area Covered by UV-C Light: Penetrates and destroys the DNA of bacteria and mite cells to inactivate and cleanse deeply.
 50 Hot Air Dehumidification: Penetrate into the deep part of the mattress to dry sweat moisture, and destroy the living environment of bacteria and mites.
 20cm Suction Port: Improve the working efficiency of flapping, cleaning and vacuuming, fast and deep cleaning.
 Sunken Structure Design: Improve the working efficiency of flapping, cleaning and vacuuming, fast and deep cleaning.